Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scrap Jewelry Tutorial

You'll need:
  • Glass tile or pendant
  • Clear Lacquer
  • Double sided scrapbooking paper or photo
  • Bail
  • Epoxy for attaching bail
  • Chain or bracelet depending on what you are using it for
 Our silicone molds can help you to create your own pendant, brooch or bracelet.

1. Lay your tile on your paper or photo and find the exact image that you want to use.
 2. Trace your tile and cut the image so that it is just slightly smaller than your tile.  It is very important that you don't have any paper hanging over the edge of the tile. Smaller is better than larger.

 3. Squeeze a small amount of  Clear Lacquer onto rough side of tile.  Smooth with your finger so that the entire tile is covered.
 4. Place your paper face down onto the tile so that your image shows through the glass.  Press down well and allow to set for a few minutes.
5. Apply another thin layer of Lacquer over the back side of the paper to seal it. Allow to dry well.
6. Squeeze a small drop of epoxy onto the bail.  Attach the bail to the tile in desired position.  Allow to dry for several hours (preferably overnight) before wearing.

Wear and enjoy!

tutorial was taken from here http://heartlandpaper.typepad.com/heartland_paper/page/8/

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