Friday, January 3, 2014

Master class #1. Brooch "Owl".

Here you'll see how to make such brooch using polymer clay and silicone mold.

So you need the following things:
  • Silicone mold (before using wash it to remove dust)
  • Polymer clay (black and white)
  • Rolling pin
  • Knife for polymer clay 
  • Sharp things for picking (f.e. toothpick, stick from the manicure set etc.)
  • Tile or glass for backing
  • Acrylic paint (you can substitute it with pastel or any other pigment)
  • Wet wipes or talc
  • 2 crystals or beads to make eyes (NOT PLASTIC)
  • Pin for brooch 
  • Glue or epoxy resin to fix pin 

You can buy this mold here.

First of all mix black and white polymer clay to create grey colour. Take just a bit of each.
Make 2 shades: dark for owl and light for background and frame.

Form oval to make frame.

Use wipes or talc to prevent sticking of clay to fingers. Pay attention to the corners.

Use rolling pin to make all layers equal and smooth back surface.

Bake this frame according to the instruction written on your polymer clay. You can bake it with mold.

Then cool  your item and take it off the mold. You can spoil frame, if you try to take it without cooling.

Frame is ready!

Next step. Making of background. 
Fill the frame with polymer clay, form bulge like in lens. 
Use wet wipe to avoid fingertips.

Take 2 little beads (3-4mm in this case) to create eyes.

 Make sticks and balls from polymer clay of different sizes. Use the dark shade of grey clay.

Start to create owl.

When the owl is ready bake brooch 10-15 minutes. 

After baking paint your brooch with fingers. 
It makes possible not to paint deep places, only tops.

Glue brooch pin to the brooch. 
You can use epoxy resin for this purpose.
You can lacquer brooch if you want.

The  brooch is ready!

Master class was made by Marina Sinichkina.

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