Saturday, January 4, 2014

Master class #2. Casket "Sweet-tooth's dream"

In this master class you'll learn how to decorate casket with fake sweets.

You need:
  • casket
  • silicone molds
  • polymer clay 
  • Fimo-gel
  • acrylic paints (brown, red and white)
  • lacquer for polymer clay
  • tile or glass for baking
  • glows
  • knife for clay

You can buy these molds in our shop.


Fill molds with clay. Use another pair of gloves for each colour.

Take sweets from the molds.
If you use soft clay you can bake them accrording to instruction of your polymer clay. 
You can bake it with our molds.

Make white background. Mix Fimo-gel with white acrylic paint. 
You should polish and degrease the top of casket.

Put white mass on the casket.

Put all fake sweets on the top, paint them with acrylic paint.

Bake it all together.

Cool you item and lacquer. 

So the casket is ready!

Master class was made by Anastasia Parfenova.

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