Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Master class #4. How to work with epoxy resin.

In this master class you'll learn how to work with epoxy resin and molds, how to paint epoxy resin.


You need:

  • silicone mold for epoxy resin
  • epoxy resin
  • stained glass paints 
  • powder-shine of different colors, potal
  • dried flowers
  • gloves, wooden sticks, disposable cup
  • glossy lacquer, sanding nailfile or sandpaper
You can buy molds and dried flowers in our shops on Etsy and Dawanda

Mix epoxy resin with hardener

Add a bit of paints

Fill molds with epoxy resin

Wait about 24 hours for hardening of resin, then you can take embelishments out.

 Polish them and laquer

 What we have at the end.

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